- Our Frequent Special Guest -

Cindy D ..

The North End Jazz Quintet Players are frequently priviliged to be able to have Cindy D as a guest vocalist:

Cindy D's fabulous career has spanned the continents. Her repertoire includes over 2,000 songs -- jazz, ballads, blues, C/W, and romantic favorites from the 1940s to today.  She has been compared with the greatest -- Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Sarah Vaughn -- but whether the mood is upbeat or blue, Cindy D brings her personal spin to the music, developed by her European experience and training.  Her repartee, delivered in her delightful Scottish brogue, draws audiences into a warm, inviting atmosphere -- be it at a private party or on a concert stage.

European engagements include tours, cabarets, television, theatre, clubs and ballrooms in England, Scotland, France (including Paris' Moulin Rouge), and Germany. Cindy D has appeared on the BBC (London) with the Tom Jones Show, the Engelbert Humperdink Show, the Miss Universe Pageant, and on STV (Scotland).

Cindy D now calls the Pacific Northwest home. Her U.S. appearances include Seattle's Four Seasons Olympic and Sandpoint Golf & Country Club.

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